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  1. In Chinas Icy North, Outfitting Buildings to Save Energy

    In China's Icy North, Outfitting Buildings to Sav

    in, in China's northeast, plays up its Ice City reputation with its annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, where ice sculptures were on display Janua More ...

  2. Ten U.S. Species Feeling Global Warmings Heat

    Ten U.S. Species Feeling Global Warming's Heat

    1. December 11, 2009--Already dangerously rare, Hawaii's akikiki is one of ten already endangered U.S. species that are under added threat from global warming, a More ...

  3. Ten Climate Change "Flagship" Species Named

    Ten Climate Change "Flagship" Species N

    Starving koalas and homeless clownfish are among ten species likely to suffer huge losses due to global warming, according to a report released today at the Cope More ...

  4. Unprecedented, "Biblical" Floods Inundate Australi

    Unprecedented, "Biblical" Floods Inunda

    There are few places on Earth where people need not be concerned about flooding. Any place where rain falls is vulnerable, although rain is not the only impetus More ...

  5. Outdoor Sport for Disabled People

    Outdoor Sport for Disabled People

    There are 600 million disabled people in the world and in the past very few outdoor sporting activities were available to them. Disabled people, just like the re More ...

  6. Wakeboarding


    Water skiing was invented in the early 1920s. Beginners using two skis are pulled along at speeds of about 25-35 kilometers per hour. Once the basic skills are m More ...

  7. Walking


    WALKING, HIKING, TREKKING, BACKPACKING, SCRAMBLING, RUNNING Hiking is an excellent outdoor activity for the whole family. It is a chance to enjoy the scenery in More ...

  8. Surfing


    Surfing has existed in Hawaii for over 200 years but it is only since 1960 that it has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. For many it is not just a sport but a More ...

  9. Skiing


    Both competitive and recreational skiing are very popular and there are many variations to the sport the main being listed below:- Alpine or downhill skiing This More ...

  10. Shooting


    This is a vast subject but for the purposes of this website we have included links to game shooting, rifle shooting, shotgun sports like skeet, trap and clay pig More ...


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